Ready for You and your Team to experience our life affirming BSR? Ready to stop, create some space to catch your breath, and plan your future in a way that will always incorporate wellbeing? Ready to engage with something that is sustainable? Then welcome to our BSR programme made exclusively for groups and corporate teams.

We know that your values are built on understanding that if you are not well, then nothing else works. Our values focus on bringing you to a point of wellness, and to do that we have gathered together experts in the field of ‘best self‘ wellbeing, experts who will share skills and add to your knowledge on personal wellbeing and wellbeing at work.

Our programme is developed around your energetic body, so that what you learn and experience aligns with the natural flow of your daily energy and learning cycles. We will show you how to restore your energy and reconnect to the world. After only a couple of days with us, you will leave with a renewed sense of vitality and wellbeing. The key to being your best self is to restore balance.

We are currenly delivering this programme virtually, and plan to deliver face to face when Covid restrictions allow. Deliverying virtually has many benefits, some of which include ease of access, staying at a venue of your choosing, affordability, and given the ongoing uncertainty with Covid, a safer environment in which to engage with contributors and other attendees.

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BSR Contributors

Dr Dee Gray, Designer, Best Self Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Rosalind Dawes – Sound Therapist

Pippa Gough, Best Self Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Anita Grey, Alexander Technique Practitioner


Gemma Thomson, Master Nutritionist

Rachel Barker, Yoga Teacher

Steph Healy, Sound Therapy Practitioner

Sophie Jonas-Hill, Mindful Artist

Looking after yourself is not a selfish act, it is a necessity in life. Start planning now for some recovery and rejuvination time out with us, where you will learn how to truly relax. Your mind and body will thank you.

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and let’s discuss how you, your group and your team can benefit from the programme.