Life may be tough right now and you may feel like you have lost your way. We understand this, we have lived this. Certainly the challenges from COVID -19 have changed a lot of what we are doing here at gray’s Wellbeing.

We feel that our life affirming Virtual Best Self Wellbeing Residential programme is needed now more than ever, and would like to share with you some of what our programme has to offer. In this programme we will get you to stop, create some space for yourself to catch your breath, and plan your future life in a way that will always incorporate wellbeing.

We are delivering this programme virtually. This has many benefits, some of which include ease of access, a venue of your choosing, affordability, and given the ongoing uncertainty with Covid, a safer environment in which to engage with contributors and other attendees.

While you are waiting to take up your place this Autumn/Winter, why not download our brochure and share it with your friends.

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Our exclusive 2021 programme offers you…


We have gathered together experts in the field of best self wellbeing, who will share skills and add to your knowledge on personal wellbeing and wellbeing at work. Our programme is developed around your energetic body, so that what you learn and experience aligns with the natural flow of your daily energy and learning cycles. Our programme is constructed along ‘deep meaningful’ learning, so what you experience will be practically useful in the future in work and home life, and should you and should you require it, we can provide you with a CPD certificate that provides evidence of your achievements.


When you commit to your time with us you are committing to leaving the hustle and bustle of your daily routine behind. As you relax you will begin to notice small things, like the sound of your footsteps, the brightness of the flowers in your garden, the warmth of the sun and the shape of the clouds. You will have time to take part in guided yoga sessions that focus on you becoming your ‘best self’. You will have the opportunity to follow the delicious menus designed by our nutritionist, and be guided to have time to write and reflect.


And now to the future. The three-day programme supports your learning in how to deal with the stress makers in your life so that you regain a sense of balance and wellbeing. You will learn about how essential food is to your mind and body, experience the deep healing of sound therapy, and take part in best self wellbeing coaching which will help you move forward in life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Why the Virtual Best Self Wellbeing Residential Programme is exactly what you need


If you feel you don’t have the energy for all the things being asked of you, and are not taking time out to look after your own needs, then your energy levels will fall. We will show you how to restore your energy and reconnect to the world. After only a couple of days with us, you will leave with a renewed sense of vitality and wellbeing. The key to being your best self is to restore your balance, we will explore this with you.

Find peace

Stress is an energy sapper and can bring you to the peripheral spaces of your wellbeing. When it does so it affects you mentally, physically, and emotionally. You may have been under even more pressure lately, these environments area often chaotic and far from peaceful. Spend some time with us, step back, and while you are in this space take back control of your life, discover how to manage new challenges in a grounded and more peaceful way.

Feel well

Our goal is to get you to reconnect with your ‘best self’ and to learn how to navigate away from dis-content and stressful situations. All of our sessions are designed to help you to feel the pattern you have become used to, and to make achievable changes to improve your wellbeing. We also give you resources to take away, so that you can carry on with your best self life, and able to cope with life’s storms.

A personal message to you from Dee Gray, Director of grays

Hand holding an illuminated circle, with the text 'The light at your core shines brightly. When you remember this and look for it, you can find your way to wellness. Dee Gray.'

Investment in yourself is always valuable. But you must take the time to improve and sustain your wellbeing in order to honour the real you. Together, we will help you uncover and maintain your ‘best self’. The real you.


✥ You pay one price for everything!

This includes all sessions and learning materials.

✥ A pre-programme best self wellbeing coaching consultation just for you

You will be able to discuss your wellbeing with coaches Dr Dee Gray and Pippa Gough and begin to plan how to be your best self. You will also be able to take up an exclusive coaching package offer following your time with us.

✥ The skills and knowledge to apply what you have experienced

We have designed our programme to include practical ‘know what, know how and know when’, so that your wellbeing is personally impacted in a way that you will navigate your way to being your ‘best self’ long after you have left us.

✥ Somatic movement for Wellbeing

We have incoroprated experiential sessions specifically designed to the best self model. Suitable for all levels, these sessions will help to reduce the impact of tension on the body and mind and are woven into the energetic aspect of wellbeing.

✥ Workshops

From our wellbeing practitioners with expertise in wellbeing coaching, psychological safety, best self method, sound therapy, nutrition, yoga, alexander technique, mindful artistry, and green health literacy. All here to help you develop resourcefulness, relieve and manage stress, detoxify, improve leadership, and communicate effectively and with confidence.

✥ Being in a serene, relaxing, environment

As this is a virtual residential programme you choose exactly where you want to be and the comforts you need to nourish and nurture your wonderful self. It is important that you choose a place where you will be away from your daily routine, somewhere where you feel at ease, and have all the comforts that are meaningful to you. While you will not be physically with us, we will all be experiencing the programme together. You will be supported throughout the programme to reconnect with yourself in mind, body and spirit. By dedicating time for yourself now, we will show you new ways to live your best ever life.

✥ Nutritious menus provided by our nutritionist

Our best self wellbeing programme includes suggested menu’s for you to follow for the full three days of the programme. They focus on holistic nourishment for the body and the mind.

✥ A CPD certificate

As part of your wellbeing future we want to acknowledge your comittment to wellbeing, and will provide you with a CPD certificate when you complete your programme with us.


Our best self wellbeing trainers are hand picked and have a wealth of experience available to you.

Virtual Residential Facilitators

Dr Dee Gray, Designer, Best Self Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Hello, I am Dee. Thank you for taking the first step in making time for yourself and joining us on our Virtual Best Self Wellbeing Residential programme. I design the Wellbeing programme and bring our experts together. I will also be one of the wellbeing coaches working with you one-to- one before you join us, and will be delivering the workshops on the best self method. I am really looking forward to meeting you. If you would like to have a chat with me I am happy to have a conversation with you and discuss specific requirements, so do get in touch (opens in mail client).

Pippa Gough, Best Self Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Hello I am Pippa. I am one of the best self coaches, trainers and facilitators for the programme. As a coach working closely with frontline health and social care staff over the last year I am increasingly interested in how traumatised staff will cope with the demands of returning to the ‘normal’ provision of care.Thinking about this in terms of being your‘best self’ and the dynamic nature of this, the concept of enabling psychological safety at work is becoming paramount. My workshop will focus on this.

Virtual Residential Trainers

Anita Grey, Alexander Technique Practitioner

Hello I am Anita. I am an expert in somatic wellbeing, and have been an Alexander Technique practitioner for 20 years. I am also an International Mountain Leadership Coach & Exececutive Coach. In my session you will learn how to recognise how your body holds stress and utilise methods with which to release it towards being it’s ‘best self’.

Gemma Thomson, Master Nutritionist

Hello I am Gemma. I am a master nutritionist and have devised your ‘best self’ menus for the programme. I work holistically and believe the food we eat is fundamental to powering all the processes in the body that affect not only your physical presentation but also how you think, feel and act. I will be running your workshop on ‘best self’ nutrition and stress.

Rachel Barker, Yoga Teacher

Hello I am Rachel. I am your ‘best self’ yoga teacher. Having studied and practiced yoga for 10+ years, I now teach gentle, holistic yoga classes. I encourage people to connect to wellness by harnessing the healing power of their bodies. I focus on breath, movement, rest, and the green environment. I have devised your yoga workshops to bring you to being your ‘best self’.

Steph Healy, Sound Therapy Practitioner

Hello I am Steph. I have a background in NHS training, but after I qualifying as a sound therapy practitioner through the College of Sound Healing, I now run my own practice. In my session you will discover a way to switch off from the distractions, dramas and pressures in the world, and connect with your ‘best self’ on a very deep level.

Sophie Jonas-Hill, Mindful Artist

Hello I am Sophie. I am an artist, illustrator, published author and tutor. I design and deliver programmes on ‘mindful artistry’. In terms of wellbeing I encourage people to go with the flow. My workshop will inevitably be about how this contributes to sense making about external stressors and using these techniques to be your ‘best self’.

Dates for 2021/22

Our Virtual Best Self Wellbeing Residential programme begins in Autumn 2021, we will run early bird rates, group discounts, and standard booking rates plus booking fees. The prices will be inclusive of your pre-programme coaching consultation and everything during your ‘stay’ with us. If you would like to discuss places with us, or find out more, just get in touch.

Looking after yourself is not a selfish act, it is a necessity in life. Start planning now for some recovery and rejuvination time out with us, where you will learn how to truly relax. Your mind and body will thank you.