Introduction to Wellbeing II




Introduction to Wellbeing II

If you have completed Wellbeing I you will now have a deeper understanding about stress and wellbeing  from a psycho/social/biological perspective. This unit will add to your learning by developing your knowledge and skills about how to manage stressors and sustain wellbeing over time. Wellbeing II evidence based and is very practical.

We introduce you to understanding wellbeing from a salutogenic and ‘best self’ perspective, so you will be able to identity where you are in terms of your wellbeing, and, be guided by ways in which to use your resilience to improve and manage your wellbeing.

You will be asked to complete a series of multiple choice questions, and you will need to answer correctly before moving on to the next part. We highly recommend you engage in all of the learning activities and reflective learning episodes.

When you have successfully completed your programme, you will have acquired a notional 4 CPD hours and a certificate of completion for your portfolio.

Thank you for joining us…Enjoy!

Dr Dee Gray