Welcome to our online Wellbeing Practitioner courses which you can do at your own pace, in your own time. All of the courses are designed to improve your knowledge and skills that will help you, and your clients, to be their ‘best self’.

Each course ‘stands alone’ so you can choose which one suits you right now, and add to your learning as you go along. When you progress and complete each one you are awarded a CPD certificate.

Our Online Courses

Wellbeing I, II, III and IIII are designed to support your practice, as one of our learners you will be able to integrate new knowldege and skills into your practice, we also give you permission to use our ‘best self’ model in your practice so long as your reference the source of the work as being Dr Dee Gray.

Licence – When you are ready to deliver ‘best self’ wellbeing training, either within your own organisation, or to external clients, you will need to do this under a licence agreement. Having a licence to deliver training brings a range of different benefits and support, so do come and talk with us about this so we can make sure you do this right and get the best return on your investment.

Each course is available for between three and six months (depending on the course) from the date of purchase. You will receive your login details for the course once your purchase has completed.

You can enrol, log in, and take your course any time, any place. And if you have any problems or would like any further information, please contact us (opens in email client).

Wellbeing I

Wellbeing I provides you with some nerdy scientific knowledge about wellbeing, it helps you to understand what is on going physically and mentally when people experience stressful situations, and gives you pointers for overcoming stress impact. In terms of understanding your best self from this perspective, you will get to know how your body is telling you that stress may be taking it’s toll, and remind you to be self aware and proactive about staying well.

Wellbeing II

Wellbeing II develops your knowledge of wellbeing by introducing the wellbeing theories of best self and salutogenesis. The best self model originated from the empiricle work of Dr Dee Gray, salutogenesis is the seminal work of Dr Arron Antonovsky. Both theories form the bedrock of the Wellbeing Practitioner programme, and are easy to apply in practice.

Wellbeing III

Wellbeing III takes you deeper into understanding what it means to be your best self, how to explore this with your clients, and explains with illustrations and case studies how to apply the best self approach to your practice through the medium of one to one and group coaching.

Coming Soon – Wellbeing IV

Wellbeing IV is all about developing your own wellbeing training programmes, so you will learn how to design and deliver wellbeing programmes for a face to face and virtual environment. You will also be shown how the best self model is designed to conduct your own studies into wellbeing.

Course Catalogue

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