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Wellbeing III

Welcome to Wellbeing III, a course which is designed to consolidate and broaden your wellbeing knowledge and skills. When you have completed this course, you will be confident and capable of applying all that you have learned to your work with clients on a one-to-one or groups/teams basis.

Wellbeing III has been designed from original research and has been delivered to many people who work in high stress environments. Through this course you will gain a full understanding of why the ‘self’ is so important in the shaping and sustaining of wellbeing. Because this course is both evidence-based and outcome-focused, you will be shown how the ‘best self’ wellbeing model was created and learn how to apply it in your own practice.

In this course, coaching is recognised as a key feature of your wellbeing practice, both in terms of engendering positive wellbeing changes and as a mechanism for teaching your clients how to make wellbeing their priority. You do not have to be a qualified coach to benefit from this CPD element as we explain the process clearly and in-depth with case study examples and we provide templates for you to work with.

Wellbeing III is divided into three sections. Each section incorporates learning activities, bespoke videos, and course notes for you to engage with. We provide you with links to leading articles, guidance material, and peer support groups where you can share and practice your skills. We also include some ‘best self’ infographics and posters for you to utilise in your own practice.

When you have successfully completed your course, you will have acquired a notional 20 CPD hours and will be awarded a certificate of completion for your portfolio.

As a wellbeing practitioner, you may already have a good grounding in the psychological, social, and biological aspects of wellbeing. However, if you would like to refresh your knowledge, we recommend you also take the Introduction to Wellbeing I. Similarly if you would like to refresh your knowledge in stress management and sustainability of wellbeing we recommend that you take the Introduction to Wellbeing II.

We also want to give you advance notification of our Wellbeing IV course. This course will be available in 2021 and will develop your expertise so that you become competent and confident in the design and evaluation of your own (small and large) wellbeing training courses.

Thank you for learning with us… Enjoy!

Dr Dee Gray