Resources: Short Films

When good stress turns to distress
Why recovery time is so important
Setting goals in challenging environments
Working through fear – it’s ok to be afraid
Quick stress management coaching session
What happens to your body and mind when you are frightened… and how to cope
Living through the fear of Corona Virus
Taking time for wellbeing
Wellbeing with the LGBT+ community
Why communication is important for being your ‘best self’

Wellbeing with young carers
Wellbeing with adult carers

Resources: Infographics

Some infographics for you to download, use and share!

Becoming Aware of My Stress Monster

Image of Becoming Aware of MY Stress Monster Infographic

Be Stress Aware

Image of Be Stress Aware infographic

The Resourceful ‘Best Self’ Recipe

Image of The Resourceful Best Self Recipe Infographic

Finding Your Way to Your Best Self

Image of Finding Your Way to Your Best Self infographic

How to Be Your Best Selfie

Image of How to Be Your Best Selfie Infographic

Resources: Blogs and Reading Material

We take every opportunity to ‘give stuff back’, so with that in mind here are some wonderful things, that are open access (free to you), to help you on your wellbeing way.

All you have to do is to click on the links below… Enjoy!


Jolly good blogs on everything wellbeing from experts in the field…

Reading Material

Some open access stuff to read…

Gray, D. (2018) Wellbeing: A compassionate approach to the workplace. Commissioned journal. Sowing the Seeds. Wales Leadership Academy. Welsh Government. Digital ISBN 978-1-78937-140-6 Print ISBN 978-1-78937-14

Gray. D (2017) ‘Developing Leadership Resilience through a Sense of Coherence’ in Contemporary Leadership Challenges [free access here]

Gray, D., Burls. A., Kogan. M. (2014) Developing a Salutogenic model for coaching practice: the findings of a proof of concept empirical study. International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring  Vol 12, No 2 pp. 41 – 58

Gray. D (2016) Developing resilience and wellbeing for healthcare staff during difficult organisational transition: the Salutogenic approach. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring Vol. 14, No. 2