Wellbeing at work for Carers in Employment

Hello and welcome to your Carers in Employment Training the Trainers Wellbeing programme. Your programme provides 40 notional hours of learning/CPD, and is divided into 6 units. Each unit has learning/training tasks that really help you to bring about change in the workplace. You will need to complete the compulsory part of each unit in order to become a certified Wellbeing Trainer.

This programme is for employed carers and for people who’s role it is to support the wellbeing of employed carers in the workplace. This programme acknowledges that carers work in two places, the formal paid workplace and the informal unpaid role as carer. For this second role we include you as part of the Third Workforce, which is over 7 million strong and sits between health and social care. Based on substantial research, the programmes are designed to facilitate individual and workplace practices that will improve wellbeing.

This programme is practically focused and competency based and aligns with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) best practice and legislative requirements of wellbeing at work.

For further information on this programme, and how to enrol please contact us.