Adult Carers in Employment

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Hello and welcome to your Adult Carers in Employment Training the Trainers Resilience and Wellbeing programme. Your programme provides 40 notional hours of learning/CPD, and is divided into 6 units. Each learning unit has embedded learning/training tasks. You will need to complete the compulsory part of each unit in order to become a certified Resilience and Wellbeing Trainer.

Your programme acknowledges and identifes your place in two workforces, one is within the formal occupation for which you are paid, and the other is your informal unpaid role as carer. For this second role we include you as part of the Third Workforce, which is over 6 million strong and sits between health and social care. Based on substantial research, the programmes are designed to facilitate individual and workplace practices that will improve resilience and wellbeing.

This programme is practically focused and competency based and aligns with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) best practice and legislative requirements of wellbeing at work.

For further information on this programme, and how to enrol please contact us.

Wellbeing Coaching – CPD programme for coaches

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Hello and welcome to your blended learning coaching programme, which is designed to focus your coaching practice on the development of resilience and wellbeing of your clients. Founded on empirical research, which was undertaken with and for coaches, your programme aligns with best practice identified in workplace stress management from the (HSE) Health and Safety Executive.

Your programme provides 20 hours of notional CPD, and emphasises the development of coaching competencies that facilitate the use of stressors as triggers for improvement and innovation. Underpinned by pedagogy, positive psychology and salutogenesis, your programme has a highly practical format, all of which enables the immediate application of learning to your coaching practice.

For further information on this programme, and how to enrol please contact us.

Young Carers in Education

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Hello and welcome to your programme which has been designed with Young Carers in Education (YCE). We know that besides working hard in school, you also have a lot of work to do looking after someone. You may not know it but you are part of a workforce that is over 700,000 strong, and you are very very important.

Your programme recognises that you are working and developing many skills, and in order for that to be part of your school work, we make sure your caring work can count as part of your school work. Your YCE programme provides a minimum of 12 hours learning that will help later with your career development.

Your programme enables you to help yourself, and others, to develop skills and knowledge about resilience and wellbeing.

For further information on this programme, and how to enrol please contact us.

Adult Carers in the Community – Third Workforce First Level and Certified Trainers

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Hello and welcome to your Adult Carers in the Community (ACC) and ACC Certified Trainers programme. These programmes are designed with and for ACC, who are identified as informal unpaid carers, and who provide care outside of any employment (including voluntary) setting to family members, neighbours and friends. Your programmes encompass core components of wellbeing, resilience and co-production. During the programmes you will become known as the ‘Third Workforce’, a workforce of over 6 million strong that sits between health and social care.

Your programmes have been developed from substantial empirical research, and are proven to sustainably improve mental wellbeing.

Your ACC Programme is delivered in four face to face sessions, and is brought direct to you in the community setting. Your ACC Certified Trainers programme is competency based and is accrued through 45 hours CPD through a blended learning format; this means that you will learn about resilience and wellbeing on line and at face-to-face learning sessions. Both programmes align withbroader legislative and policy requirements pertaining to wellbeing.

Your programmes are highly practical and ensure that you achieve tangible, measurable outcomes that contribute to carer wellbeing and resilience. For further information on this programme, and how to enrol pplease contact us.

First Level Doctor’s Programme – Wellbeing at Work

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Hello and welcome to our Wellbeing First Level Programme. This blended learning programme is designed with and for the medical profession, and requires you to engage with face-to-face and e-learning sessions. The programme aligns with the General Medical Council’s (GMC) Generic Professional Capabilities framework, and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance on managing workplace stress. With 25 hours CPD formerly acknowledged by the Royal College of Physicians, the programme is designed for you to accumulate bespoke skills and knowledge that will develop your career as a medical educator. The programme has a strong emphasis on application to the workplace and is intended for Doctors who have completed or are studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education or an MSc in Medical Education.

For further information on this programme, and how to enrol please contact us.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. I feel I have a practical toolkit that I can apply to any team structure and may look to use with chronic pain patients. I think it could be usefully applied within the appraisal process. Very helpful.

(Consultant Physician)

This has been an inspiring day and a half. I hope I can take some of this toolkit away to improve our ST1 induction but perhaps to take on the more difficult task of empowering my colleagues to embrace the changes which are underway.

(Consultant Obstetrician)

Really enjoyable and thought provoking two days. Very helpful to have a model in which to ground resilience and wellbeing concepts and practice.

(Manager Wales Deanery)

Enjoyed the course very much, will help us in Swansea deliver a resilience training package. Great faculty and colleagues.

(Consultant Paediatrician)