Here at grays we design a mixture of online, face-to-face and blended (face-to-face and on-line) programmes. With a focus on CPD that has sustainable impact, we take systems approach to what we design, so that you can see how the rest of the workplace can benefit from even a small change. While we accept commissions to design for you, we suggest that if you really want impact then we co-produce bespoke programmes with you.

To have sustainable change we use a training or learning technique. Some of our face to face work with you will to help to grow your wellbeing strategy, policies, and action plans. If you need to have an expert work with you on the creation of your own wellbeing courses and interventions then we can bring you knowledge on stress management, utilising the green environment, supporting people to make sense of and grow from challenging experiences, mindfullness, and bringing about physical and mental wellbeing through new behaviours.

We provide evidence of CPD, and can also align your learning with us to any individual, professional and organisational requirements you may have.

Our range of virtual and blended learning opportunities include:

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