We are very pleased to be able to offer you our wellbeing programmes, all of which have been developed from some serious nerdy and now published research. What matters to you matters to us, so not only will we tailor our programmes to meet your needs, we are also happy to work with you on new programmes. Our best self wellbeing expertise ranges from stress management within the green environment, supporting people to make sense of challenging experiences, and includes bringing about physical and mental wellbeing through new behaviours. If you are developing your work as a Wellbeing Practitioner, we provide evidence of CPD, and can also align your learning with us to any individual, professional and organisational requirements you may have.

Here at grays we design online, face-to-face and blended (face-to-face and on-line) training programmes. You can peruse the full range of programmes we have through the links below. Our expertise enables us to adapt and co-produce new programmes with you too, this is aranged through our bespoke training packages. Our programmes are CPD focused and we provide certification that will help you demonstrate this.

Currently only our on-line programmes are running. We are reviewing our face to face and blended programmes, and if they run in 2021, they will operate under COVID requirements.

Our range of learning opportunities include:

Bespoke Training

Besides developing bespoke packages and learning events with you, we also offer a range of our own programmes, workshops and seminars. Some of which you can attend as an individual, some you can bring your whole team to, and some you can have adapted to suit your specific organisation’s requirements. We adapt and run our closed commissioned programmes to meet the varied needs of our clients across a range of industries.These programmes are tailored directly to your organisation, you decide who attends, and you influence the focus of the day. Alternatively if you would like to commission us to develop a new programme with you, or would like to adopt or join one of our current programmes, please contact us for further information.

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